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Troubleshooting Your Speakers

When you turn on your stereo to listen to music, you expect the speakers to work. So it can be quite frustrating when you turn on your stereo and no sound comes out! As a speaker repair shop near Minneapolis, we understand firsthand just how annoying it can be when your speakers stop working for […]

Speakers 101: Parts of a Speaker

If you are new to the speaker repair industry, or if you just have a passing interest in speakers, then you might be confused by some of the terms that are thrown around. We specialize in speaker repair in the Twin Cities, so we thought we would take the time to define some of the […]

Common Reasons for Speaker Repair

At Midwest Speaker, we often encounter the same problems when we help with speaker repair to Roseville MN residents. Here is some information on the most common repairs we make and how we can help when you need it. Blown Speakers This type of speaker repair is all too common. Who hasn’t blown out at […]

Welcome to Midwest Speaker Repair’s New Blog

Welcome to Midwest Speaker Repair‘s new blog! We’re glad you landed here. If you’re looking for speaker repairs and replacement parts, you’ve come to the right place! We offer audio repair services, as well as DIY kits, so we can get your speakers sounding like new again! Before you get rid of your current speakers, […]