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Buy, Sell or Trade Used Speakers

Stop in and listen with your iPod, iPad, smart phone or a CD to any speakers available. Our used speakers list is always changing. Keep checking back for current speakers and drivers for sale!

We have a large selection of used pro and home audio speakers. Ranging from entry level to high end, vintage to modern. We do have a listening room, so you can check them out and listen to them before you take them home. All speakers have been properly repaired or are used in good working condition and have been tested with music and a sine wave audio generator.

If you are local we buy speakers and electronics too! Just bring them in anytime during our business hours. If you have multiple items it is best to email us a list of what you have, that will give us time to do some research before you bring them in.

Huge Used Speaker Sale!
Take an Additional 20% OFF All Prices Below!
Hurry, The Good Stuff Will Go Quick!

*Our Used Speaker Cabinets Are For Local Pickup Only!

Most are too big and we do not ship them.

Home Audio Speakers
Product NameModel #DescriptionPrice
Acoustic Research318 PS3-way Towers with 8" woofers$199 pr
-AR-2ax3-way with 10" woofers$499 pr MUST SEE!
-AR-2x2-way with 10" woofers$249 pr
-AR-28BXi2-way with 10" woofers$249 pr
-AR932-way with triple 8" woofers$499 pr MUST SEE!
-C 225 PSCenter Channel w/ dual 5" woofers$79 TAKE 50% OFF
-Phantom 6.22-way with 6.5" woofers$199 pr TAKE 50% OFF
ADSB72-way with 7" woofers$175 pr
-M123-way Towers w/ dual 8" woofers$750 pr MUST SEE!
AdventLarge (Utility)2-way with 10" woofers$299 pr
-Large (Bullnose Cab)2-way with 10" woofers$499 pr MUST SEE!
-Laurette2-way with dual 6.5" woofers$349 pr
-Legacy II2-way with 10" woofers$299 pr
AlesisMonitor 23-way with 10" woofers$149 pr
American AcousticsClassic Model 1082-way with 8" woofers$99 pr
Athena AS-B1-12-way with 5.25" woofers$99 pr
-AS-F1-12-way Towers with 8" woofers$149 pr
Bose201 series II2-way with 5.25" woofers$75 pr
-4012-way Towers with dual 6.5" woofers$249 pr
-800Eight 4.5" Full Range Drivers per Cab$199 pr TAKE 50% OFF
-901 series VI w/ tulip stands & EQNine 4.5" Full Range Drivers per Cab$750 pr MUST SEE!
Boston AcousticsCR1Center Channel with 4" woofer$49
-T830 (Oak)2-way Towers with 8" woofers$299 pr
Bowers & WilkinsCDM-7 Special Edition3-way Towers with 6.5" woofers$999 pr MUST SEE!
CantonLE205 Bookshelves & LE202 Center Channel$299 set
Cerwin VegaL72-way with 7" woofers$99 pr
-RE-303-way with 12" woofers$499 pr
DahlquistM9073-way with 10" woofers$449 pr
Definitive TechnologyBP 1.2xBi-Polar Rear Surround Speakers$125 pr
-BP6Bi-Polar Towers w/ dual 5.25" woofers$249 pr
-CS-8040HDCenter Channel w/ dual 4.5" mids & oval top woofer$199
-Powerfield Subwoofer8" Powered Subwoofer$125
-ProCenter 100Center Channel w/ dual 4.5" woofers$125
DLKNew Model 1 1/22-way with dual 8" woofers$299 pr
-Model 23-way with 12" woofersComing Soon
DomusModel 22-way with dual 8" woofers$199 pr
Electro-Voice EVID 40SWPassive 8" sub & 2-way Satellites$199 set
EmpireGrenadier 6000Omnidirectional 3-way with 10" woofers w/ marble tops$249 pr
EnergyESM-2s2-way with 8" woofers$249
EosoneRSP 100 (white)10" Powered Subwoofer$149
InfinityAlpha 37CCenter Channel w/ dual 6.5" woofers$125
-Interlude IL503-way Towers with 10" powered subs$349 pr
-Kappa 6.1 series II3-way Towers with 8" woofers$399 pr
-POS II2-way with 10" woofers$175 pr
-Primus 2502-way Towers w/ dual 5.25" woofers$175 pr
-Primus C25Center Channel w/ dual 5.25" woofers$99 pr
-Qa2-way with 10" woofers$199 pr
-Reference Three3-way with 8" woofers$199 pr
-Reference Six (No grilles)4-way with 10" woofers w/ ribbon tweeters$499 pr
-SM1022-way with 10" woofers$299 pr
JamoS6222-way with 4" woofers$125 pr
-SW400E8" Powered Sub - 90 watts RMS$125
JBL240Ti3-way with 14" woofers$1499 pr MUST SEE!
-EC25Center Channel w/ dual 5" woofers$75
-HLS6102-way with 6.5" woofers$125 pr
-HLS8202-way Towers w/ dual 8" woofers$199 pr
-L16 Decade2-way with 8" woofers$499 pr MUST SEE!
-L882-way with 12" woofers$599 pr MUST SEE!
-L166 Horizon3-way with 12" woofers (New caps/terminals)$1249 pr MUST SEE!
-N-CenterCenter Channel w/ dual 4" woofers $99 TAKE 50% OFF!
-N-Center IICenter Channel w/ dual 4" woofers$99 TAKE 50% OFF!
-S-Center II3-way Center Channel w/ dual 5.25" woofers$149 TAKE 50% OFF!
-S412P4-way with powered 12" woofers$349 pr
-SVA-18002-way Towers w/ dual 8" woofers$649 pr
-SVA CENTER (No Grille)Center Channel w/ dual 5.25" woofers $125
-TLX-1713-way with 8" woofers$199 pr
-TLX LR10002-way with 5" woofers$75 pr
KEFHTF80033 channel passive soundbar$249
-iQ8dsRear Surrounds w/ dual Uni-Q 5" drivers$249 pr
-Q95CCenter Channel Uni-Q with 6" driver $99
KlipschIcon KF-262-way Towers w/ dual 6.5" woofers$349 pr
-Icon VC-25Center Channel w/ dual 5.25" woofers$75
-KSW-1008" Powered Sub - 100 watts RMS $149
-KV1Center Channel w/ dual 5.25" woofers$99
-RC-10Center Channel w/ dual 4" woofers$75
-RF-152-way Towers w/ dual 5.25" woofers$249 pr
-RS3Rear Surrounds with 6.5" woofers$175 pr
-RS-10Rear Surrounds with 4" woofers$125 pr
-RW-12D12" Powered Sub - 350 watts RMS$249
-SUB-1010" Powered Sub - 200 watts RMS$199
-SUB-1212" Powered Sub - 300 watts RMS$249
Martin LoganFrescaCenter Channel 3-way with dual 4" woofers$249 MUST SEE!
-Preface2-way Towers w/ triple 6.25" woofers$1250 pr MUST SEE!
-SourceElectrostatic Towers w/ 8" woofers$1250 pr MUST SEE!
MirageM-7903-way Towers with 8" woofers$499 pr MUST SEE!
Mordaunt Short MS4022-way with 4" woofers$125 pr
NHTSC2Center Channel w/ dual 5.25" woofers$125
OptimusPRO-55X2-way with 5.25" woofers$99 pr
ParadigmMonitor 5 v.22-way w/ dual 6.5" woofers$349 pr COMING SOON!
PioneerCS-66A3-way with 10" woofers$199 pr
Polk AudioCS2Center Channel w/ dual 6.5" woofers$75
-Monitor 42-way with 6.5" woofers$99 pr
-Monitor 10A2-way w/ dual 6.5" woofers & 12" passives$499 pr COMING SOON!
-Monitor 112-way w/ dual 6.5" woofers & 12" passives$499 pr MUST SEE!
RealisticMinimus 112-way with 5" woofers$99 pr
SansuiSP-35004-way 6 speaker system w/ 14" woofers$399 pr
-SP-X90004-way 6 speaker system w/ 16" woofers$499 pr
ScottS-10B2-way with 10" woofers$149 pr
SonySA-WMS3678" Powered Sub - 120 watts RMS$99
TannoyReveal 66P (1 Single Speaker)Passive Studio Monitor w/ dual 6" woofers$149
VelodyneULD-1212" Powered Sub - 250 watts RMS$349 MUST SEE!
-ULD-1515" Powered Sub - 400 watts RMS$399 MUST SEE!
YamahaNS-A6383-way with 8" woofers$75 pr
-YST-SW100Dual 6.5" Powered Sub - 100 watts MAX$99
Product NameModel #DescriptionPrice
-GSP-560Processor/Amp - center 80 watts - rears 40 watts$149
Aragon2005THX Amp - 200w x 3 - 150w x 5 @ 8 ohms$750 MUST SEE!
ArcamAVR2005.1 AV Receiver - 70 watts x 5$149
Audio Source AMP200Stereo Power Amp - 80 watts @ 8 ohms - 125 watts @ 4 ohms$149
B&KST-1402ch Power Amp - 70w @ 8 ohm/105w @ 4 ohms$299 (2 available)
DenonAVR-17095.1 AV Receiver - 80 watts x 5 w/ HDMI$149
-AVR-38037.1 AV Receiver - 110 watts x 7$125
-DVD-1600DVD Player$125
HaflerModel 110Pre-Amp$199
Harman KardonAVR-3207.1 AV Receiver - 55 watts x 7$125
-CD91Cassette Deck$99
InsigniaNS-HDTUNEHD Radio Tuner$79
JVCRX-772V5.1 AV Receiver - 100 watts x 5$99
MarantzHD-DAC1DAC Convertor$499 MUSTS SEE!
NAD216THXStereo Power Amp - 125 watts x 2$299
-3142ch Integrated Amp - 35 watts x 2$199
NakamichiAV-4005.1 AV Receiver - 100 watts x 5$149
-AV-5005.1 AV Receiver - 120 watts x 5$175
OnkyoM-5100Stereo Power Amp - 110 watts x 2$199
ParasoundZamp v3Stereo Amp - 45 watts x 2 @ 8 ohms - 60 watts x 2 @ 4 ohms$149
PioneerVSX-521-K5.1 AV Receiver - 80 watts x 5 w/ HDMI$75
-VSX-524-K5.1 AV Receiver - 140 watts x 5 w/ HDMI$125 NEW!
-VSX-D4095.1 AV Receiver - 100 watts x 5$59
RotelRLC900Line Conditioner$125
-RQ-970BXPhono EQ$125
SonyCDP-297CD Player$75
-STR-D365Stereo Receiver - 80 watts x 2$79
-STR-DE185Stereo Receiver - 100 watts x 2$75
-STR-DE197Stereo Receiver - 125 watts x 2$125
-STR-DH5207.1 AV Receiver - 90 watts x 7 w/ HDMI$149
-STR-DG710AV Receiver - 105 watts x 6$99
-TC-KA1ESACassette Deck$149
TeacEQA-10Graphic EQ$75
YamahaCRX-TS10CD Player/Stereo Receiver - 18 watts x 2$99
-HTR-55906 Channel AV Receiver - 100 watts x 6$99
Product NameQuantityDescriptionPrice
Cerwin Vega PSW-15115" Woofer 16 ohms Reconed$99
Electro-Voice DL18MT118" Woofer 8 ohms used$149
Electro-Voice EVM-15B115" Woofer 8 ohms used$179
Eminence Beta-10CBMRA110" Closed back 8 ohm midrange$39
JBL 2204J212" Woofer 16 ohms used$149 each
JBL 2206H412" Woofer 8 ohms used$249 each
McCauley Model 6000AVR-3201: 15″ Woofer 8 ohm used$169
RCF L15S800115″ Woofer 8 ohm used$199
Lots of other woofers of various sizes!!!
Product NameQuantityDescriptionPrice
417-8H series II112" 8 ohm reconed$299
Elite-GH50112″ 16 ohm used 50 Watt$75
G12-30 (Rola)112″ 15 ohm used 30 Watt$29
G12H-30 70th Anniversary212″ 16 ohm used 30 Watt$125 each
G12M-70112″ 16 ohm used 70 Watt$35
G12T-75112″ 16 ohm used 75 Watt$59
EVM-12L-16112" 16 ohm used$219
EVM-15B115" 8 ohm used$179
Cannabis Rex112" 8 ohm used$99
Hx250-10110" Neo 8 ohm Bass Guitar used$99
C12P112" 8 ohm recone$129
P12LF112" 8 ohm recone$99
P12T112" 8 ohm recone$149
P15LS115" 16 ohm used$145
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