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Midwest Speaker Repair is a distributor for Eminence (made in the USA) which is the world’s leading manufacturer of loudspeakers.
*Free UPS Ground Shipping in the Mainland US on most orders of Eminence Guitar Speakers and Eminence Pro Woofers!!!
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Free UPS Ground Shipping on most Eminence Guitar Speakers & Pro Woofers!

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Customer Reviews
July 24, 2023
Great place! Super fair pricing, quick service and amazing results
Eric (Eagan)
Eric (Eagan)
July 12, 2023
I was distraught upon noticing that the foam was degrading on the 12 inch woofers of my Cerwin Vega RE30's I've owned since 1997, but thrilled when I learned of Midwest Speaker Repair. They did a fantastic job re-foaming them, AND completed them ahead of schedule. Thank you!
July 1, 2023
Great place for replacement parts, fast shipping and a perfect fit for what I was looking for. If you’re looking for a replacement part ,for your audio needs, this is the place to go and also packaging for my specific item was great!!!
Paul DiGangi
Paul DiGangi
June 2, 2023
Great people to do business with!
Judy B
Judy B
June 1, 2023
Darwin Beachem
Darwin Beachem
May 28, 2023
Went to go see about getting speaker repaired and ended up buying another identical pair for less than what it woulda cost to fix it. This will be my go to speaker place from now on.
May 13, 2023
Excellent service & support! I bought 2 aftermarket Peavey diaphragms with ferrofluid from Midwest. I had a few questions so gave them a call. Joe was super helpful. The speakers are working great again. Thanks
Georg Wersching
Georg Wersching
April 7, 2023
Purchased two AR11 replacement tweeters. Fast and reliable delivery, very good packaging. The quality of the parts is substantially better than from the competition. Metal vs. plastic mounting plates, gold plated lugs and better marking of polarity. The level of these tweeters is higher than of the originals, need to adjust to -3dB to tame them a bit.
Edward Seifert
Edward Seifert
April 4, 2023
Last year, I blew out the woofers in my 30-year old Dahlquist DQ-30 speakers. The woofers needed new voice coils and rebuilding. Although it took a while to get the replacement voice coils, once the job was complete, the speakers now have an amazing new low end - better than new! I highly recommend Midwest Speaker!!!
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Your guitar speaker plays a vital role in shaping your overall tone and sound. To ensure that your guitar rig…

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