JBL LE25 Tweeter Foam Rings (1 pair)

Price: $7.95

Price is for 1 pair of foam rings.
Fits many JBL LE25 Tweeters.


2 Foam Rings for JBL LE25 Tweeters

Price is for one pair. Please change quantity to order more. Brand New!!! They have an adhesive back, so just peel off and stick on your tweeter. Be careful removing the old foam rings. The lead wires on the tweeter are under the old adhesive back and can rip off if you are not careful. Great replacement foam rings for many JBL models and tweeter part #’s.

LE25 & LE25-1: Fits in JBL L100 (some models), L25, L45A, L45B, L71, L71A, L88A and L88P. LE25-2: Fits in 4311B, 4312, L16, L26, L36, R82, R103, R123 and R133. LE25-3: Fits in L120. LE25-4: Fits in L26A and L36A. LE25-5: Fits in L120A.

Outside Diameter: 4.13″ (105mm)
Inside Diameter: 1.75″ (44.45mm)
Thickness: .2875″ (7.3mm)