FR260 White/Bone Speaker Yarn Cloth

Price: $27.95

Good replacement for older Advent and AR Speakers
36″ width
Price Per Linear Yard (36″)

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Acoustone’s Premium Speaker Grille Cloth

– Acoustically Transparent
– Inherently flame retardant
– Mildew proof
– High tensile strength
– Excellent fade resistance

Designer / Architect Line:

– This is not a standard household fabric like others sell. This line is designed and engineered for sound transmissibilty and aesthetic appearance. This group is densely woven and therefore mask the components behind the grille. These fabrics are woven with inherently flame retardant yarns such as fiberglass and modacrylics. These grille cloths are used to cover sound sources and adjacent walls to achieve a high tech look.

– This group of grille cloths is suitable for any sound application over speakers. Used by architects and decorators for installations in churches and auditoriums to cover acoustical panels and absorbing materials. Suitable for walls, ceilings, sound panels, recording studios, churches, auditoriums, home and offices. Orders of more than one yard will ship in one continuous piece.