JBL 2414H & 2414H-1 Aftermarket Compression Driver

Price: $49.95

Fits JBL 2414H & 2414H-1 horn driver models.
8 ohms


JBL 2414H, 2414H-1 Aftermarket Compression Driver

This is a high quality aftermarket JBL complete driver that sounds similar the original JBL driver. This is not just the diaphragm, it is the complete driver with the neodymium magnet.

– Outside Diameter: 2.31″ (58.67mm)
– Voice Coil Diameter: 1″ (25.4mm)
– Throat Size: 1.375″ Thread On
– Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
– DCR: 3.8 ohms Dome
– Material: Polymer
– Voice Coil: Aluminum Wire
– Magnet: Neodymium

Here is a list of the driver part #’s:
– 2414H, 2414H-1 and more

Here is the list of some of the cabinet model #’s:
– EON Series: EON 210P, EON 305, EON 315, EON 510, EON 515, EON 515XT, EON 610, EON 612, EON 615

***You can also use this driver to replace the JBL 2414H-C driver. There are 2 differences: 1. Our driver has a neodymium magnet compared to ferrite (ceramic). 2. The positive and negative terminals on ours are the same size where the JBL has the negative terminal larger then the positive, so you will need to cut off the connector and crimp on a smaller connector or use a pliers to make the connector smaller.

Here is the list of some of the cabinet model #’s that use the 2414H-C driver:
– JRX Series: JRX 212, JRX215, JRX 225
– PRX Series: PRX412M, PRX415M, PRX425

We are a JBL factory authorized service center and use this part frequently. No soldering needed, just unscrew the blown driver and screw on our new driver for an easy install. Any questions, just let us know.