Eminence PSD:3006 Compression Driver

Price: $214.99

Bolt-on Driver
100 watts / 800Hz
– 20kHz / 108dB
2″ Throat
8 ohms


PSD:3006 Bolt-on Driver

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Throat Size: 2″, 50.80mm

Nominal Impedance*: 8Ω Minimum

Impedance: 7.1 ohm @ 3.4 kHz

Power Rating**: 100 W (AES)

Resonance: 0.47kHz

Usable Frequency Range: 800Hz-20kHz

Recommended Crossover: 800 Hz / 12 dBkHz

Sensitivity***: 108.80 Magnet

Material: Ferrite

Magnet Weight: 80oz, 2.27kg

Voice Coil Diameter: 3″ / 76.20mm

Voice Coil Former: Polyimide Diaphragm

Material: Titanium w/ geodesic ribs for increased stiffness and break-up control.

DC Resistance (Re): 4.80Ω

Mounting Information:

Overall Diameter: 7.90″, 200.70mm

Driver Volume Displaced: 0.04 cu.ft., 1.36 liters

Depth: 3.10″, 78.70mm Weight: 13.20 lbs, 6 kg

Mounting Thread: N/A

Mounting Holes Diameter: 4X 1/4-20

Mounting Holes B.C.D.: 4 in. 101.6 mm

*Replacement diaphragms available.