MW Audio MT-LE25: 1.4 inch Cone Tweeter


JBL LE25 Copy Tweeter.
Fits L100, L26, L36, L88, 4311, 4311B, 4312 and many more.
50 watts / 800-20,000 Hz / 90 dB
Re: 4 ohms

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MW Audio MT-LE25: 1.4″ Cone Tweeter

Brand New!!! Not used with dented dust caps!!! Great replacement tweeter for many JBL models and tweeter part #’s.

LE25 & LE25-1: Fits in JBL L100 (some models), L25, L45A, L45B, L71, L71A, L88A, L88P, 4311 and more
LE25-2: Fits in 4311B, 4312, L16, L26, L36, R82, R103, R123 and R133
LE25-3: Fits in L120
LE25-4: Fits in L26A and L36A
LE25-5: Fits in L120A

Every physical detail, even the screw holes, has been copied from the original tweeter. It is a perfect drop in fit with no modification needed to the cabinet. These are new current production stock. We had these custom made for us designed from the original JBL LE25 tweeter. It has a very warm, pleasant natural sound and is similar to the original. Overall, it is an excellent reproduction of the original JBL LE25 tweeter. It is recommended to replace tweeters in pairs, but not always necessary.

We have made the D.C. resistance 4 ohms. The original tweeters range from 3.7-4.2 ohms.

Also note, some JBL speakers wire the tweeter out of phase and the black wire connects to the positive male terminal on the tweeter.  This is normal and OK, just connect the wires the same way.

Frequency Response: 800-20,000 Hz
Power Rating: 50 Watts
DC Resistance: 4.0 ohms
SPL: 90 dB
Fs: 800 Hz
Magnet Weight: 250 g
Net Weight: 700 g
Voice Coil Wire: Copper
Voice Coil Former: Kraft Paper

– 108mm x 108mm (4.25″ x 4.25″) Cast Aluminum Flange
– 86mm (3.39″) cutout, not including the terminals
– 94mm (3.7″) middle of screw hole to screw hole

Weight 2 lbs
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