MW Audio MM-LE5: JBL LE5 Copy Midrange


Good replacement for JBL LE5-6, LE5-8, LE5-10, LE5-12 and more.
40 watts / 175-13,000 Hz / 88.9 dB
6 ohms


MW Audio MM-LE5: JBL LE5 Copy Midrange

Good fit for the JBL LE5-6, LE5-8, LE5-10 and LE5-12 midranges.

These 4 JBL models all use the same recone kit, so all the parts are the same. All the other JBL LE5 and 104H midranges are sonically slightly different, so our midrange will fit great, but the parameters may be a little different. JBL made a lot of different models of midranges and the resistance all measured from 5.0-6.2 ohms, so we had our midrange designed at 5.6 ohms.

These are new current production stock. We had these custom made for us designed from the original JBL LE-6 midrange which has a paper cone, an aluminum dust cap and 1 male and 1 female terminal. Unfortunately, the terminals were assembled with the polarity incorrect. So, when you install the midrange you will have to cut off the connectors on your wires in your cabinet and crimp on the new connectors that we will supply with your order. Our midrange’s faceplate and screw holes are an exact physical fit, so you do not have to modify the cabinet at all. The specs and parameters were copied as best as possible to ensure similar sound. The overall sound is very good, but our copy has slightly less output from the original JBL midrange (You may not even notice the difference, but we want to be upfront and honest). There is a small cosmetic difference too. The cones that were used are slightly taller than the original cones, so they sit up higher on the cast aluminum basket. See Pictures.

Note that the terminals are 1 male and 1 female, most JBL midranges are like this, but some models (like the LE5-2) have the small spring loaded terminals. If you have the spring terminals, you will have to solder the wires on or use connectors.

***Please Note: This is NOT an original JBL mid, it is a good aftermarket piece to replace your bad midrange. We do recommend that you replace these in pairs so the sound is equal in both cabinets.

This copy midrange is designed to replace the following JBL models:
– LE5-6, LE5-8, LE5-10, LE5-12, 4311B, 4312, L36, L36A, L50, L50A, L86, L96, L110, L110A, L112, L120, L120A, L150, L150A, L150B, L166 and L166A.

It will also fit and work OK, but not designed for the following JBL models:
– LE5-2, LE5-3, LE5-5, LE5-9, LE5-11, 104H, 104H-1, 104H-2, 104H-3, 120TI, 240TI, 250TI, 250TIBQ, 4312A, 4312C, 4410, 4410A, 4412, 4412A, L45A, L45B, L55A, L65, L65A, L65B, L71, L71A, L80T, L80T3, L88P, L100, L100A, L100T, L100T3, L212, L212C, L220, L220A, L222, L222A, L250, S70, S105, S106 and many more.

Freq Range: 162-12,000 Hz
Fs: 162.226 Hz
Power Rating: 40 Watts
Impedance: 6 ohms
Re: 5.6 ohms
Sensitivity: 88.9 dB
Voice Coil Diameter: .87″ (22mm)
Magnet Weight: 280g (9.88 oz)
Cone Material: Paper
Surround Material: Cloth
Dust Cap: Black Painted Aluminum
Frame Material: Cast Aluminum

Outside: 4.49″ (114mm)
Cutout: 4.125″ (104.78mm)
Overall Depth: 1.96″ (49.7mm)
Mounting Depth: 1.625″ (41.28mm)

We are an JBL service center, so buy with confidence.

Weight 3 lbs
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