B&C / EAW DE750-8 8 ohm Aftermarket Diaphragm

Price: $59.95

B&C models: DE75, DE750, DE82, DE85 and more.
EAW models: CD-5001, CD-5002, CD-5003, CD-5004, CD-5005 and more.
8 ohm
2.93″ voice coil / Titanium Dome

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B&C / EAW DE750-8 8 ohm Aftermarket Diaphragm

This is a high quality 8 ohm aftermarket diaphragm that fits many B&C drivers that are used in EAW speaker cabinets.

Here is a list of the driver part #’s:

DE75-8, DE75TN, DE750-8, DE750TN, DE82, DE82TN, DE85, DE85TN, DM5001, CD5001, DM5002, CD5002, DM5003, CD-5003, CD5003, DM5004, CD-5004, DM5005, CD5005, 803010, 803011, 803027, 803031, 806014, 806023, 12 CX32-8(12″ coax) and many more.

Here is the list of some of the cabinet model #’s:

ASV7632, ASV7652x, CB152, CB259, CB2591, CD-2591, CB2592, JF200e, JF260e, KF400a, KF650e, KF695e, LA325, MC-4953, MC-4973, MH-660iE, MH-662iE, MH-690iE, MH-692iE, Nexo PS15, SM200iH, SM500iV and many more.


Overall Diameter: 4.31″ (109.5 mm)

Voice Coil Diameter: 2.93″ (74.46 mm)

Diaphragm Material: Titanium

Diaphragm Height: 14 mm

Diaphragm Thickness: .05 mm

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms – DCR: 6.1 ohms

We are a repair shop and use this part frequently. No soldering needed and the diaphragm is self centering for an easy install. Any questions, just let us know.