Yamaha JAY2061 Diaphragm (MD2001-16DIA)


Used in Yamaha Club Series Speakers.
SAME AS EMINENCE MD2001 Type 1 Diaphragm
16 ohms

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Eminence MD2001 OEM Genuine Diaphragm

This is NOT an aftermarket copy.

Overall Diaphragm Diameter: 3.56″
Voice Coil Diameter: 2″ with titanium dome
Impedance: 16 ohms

SAME AS EMINENCE MD2001 Type 1 Diaphragm: no ripples on outside of dome.

Used in Carvin, Community, Fender, Sun, Yamaha and many more.

This part fits many Yamaha Club Series Speakers:
– JAY2061 16 ohm Driver uses Eminence MD2001-16DIA.

Models include:
– C115V, CM15V, S115IV, S215IV, SM15V, SM15IV, SM12IV, S112III and many more.

Weight .75 lbs
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