MW Audio MW-6502-4: 6.5 inch Polk Audio Copy Woofer


Great replacement woofer for the MW6502 Polk Monitor Series.
Also, is the closest replacement woofer for the MW6511 and MW6512.
4 ohms



MW Audio MW-6502-4: 6.5 inch Polk Audio Copy Woofer

These are new current production stock. The MW6502 6.5″ Polk woofers have been discontinued, so we had these custom made for us designed from the Polk Audio woofers. The parameters were closely copied to ensure similar output level and sound. In comparison to the original, it is very close. Overall, it is a great reproduction for many of the Polk Audio 6.5″ woofers. It is a perfect drop in fit with no modification needed to the cabinet. The screw holes are a perfect match too.

Great replacement for the following Polk models:

Monitor Series that use the MW6502 woofer:
– M 7 series 2, Mon 7C, Mon 7B, M 5 series 2, Mon 5B, M 5jr+ series 2, Mon 5jr+, Mon 5jr (some models), M 4.6 series 2, Mon 4.5, M 4 series 2, Mon 4A, SDS 400 and more.

This woofer is also the closest replacement to the Polk MW6511, MW6512 and more woofers.

Voice Coil Impedance: 4 ohm
Voice Coil Diameter: 1″ (25.4mm) Aluminum Former
Rated Frequency Response: 51- 8k Hz
Sensitivity: 91 dB SPL
Rated Power: 50 watts
Magnet Weight: 450 g (15.9 oz)
Net Weight: 1090 g (38.45 oz)
Fs: 51.4 Hz
Re: 3.5 ohm
Qts: 0.38
Qms: 3.63
Qes: .42
Vas: 25.26 liters
Xmax: 2.3 mm
No: 0.77 %

Outside Diameter: 6.57″ (167mm)
Cutout Diameter: 5.55″ (141mm)
Internal Depth: 2.85″ (72.5mm)

Weight 3.5 lbs
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