Peerless MT-225-HFC: 2 inch Cone 16 ohm Tweeter (NOS)


Good replacement tweeter that fits many brands including McIntosh.
OD: 2.25″ Square
10 watts / 4500 – 20,000 Hz
16 ohms

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Peerless MT-225-HFC: 2″ Cone 16 ohm Tweeter

New Old Stock (NOS).  These are no longer in production.  Available while supplies last.

This paper cone tweeter is a good replacement tweeter that fits many brands and models.  Used in Bozak (B-200Y), Rectalinear, RTR, Sonab, McIntosh and more.  Also be used to replace the Peerless MT 20 HFC tweeter.

An alnico magnet is glued to a U-shaped yoke that is welded to the front plate of the magnet structure. The cone/coil assembly is very lightweight and doesn’t even have a spider to center the voice coil. The cone is paper. The thin aluminum center dome weighs only 0.010 grams and radiates out to 20kHz.  The positive terminal is indicated by a red insulating washer shown on the left side of the tweeter.

Notes from McIntosh:
– The 8 ohm and 16 ohm tweeters can be used interchangeably in the ML systems despite the difference in impedance. The measured acoustic response for either tweeter is identical from 7kHz to 20kHz using the same crossover. Electrically, the crossover is above 10kHz. These tweeters were used in the McIntosh ML-1C, Ml-2C, ML-2M, ML-4C, ML-4M and ML-10C.

Freq Range: 4500-20,000 Hz
Power Rating: 10 Watts
Impedance: 16 ohms
DCR: 15.3 ohms
Magnet: Alnico
Weight: 4.6 oz

Outside Diameter: 2.25″ Square
Cutout Diameter: 2.125″
Mounting Depth: 1.31″

Weight 0.5 lbs
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