P102 Guitar Amp Speaker Grille Fabric


Silver Fender style
36″ width
Price Per Linear Yard (36″)


Acoustone’s Premium Speaker Grille Fabric

– This is a speaker or guitar amplifier grille fabric.  Good replacement for Fender cabs.
– Acoustically transparent
– Passes infrared (IR) remote signals
– Fade resistance
– Material is a vinyl coated fiberglass thread

– Our Acoustone Amplifier Grille Fabric is designed for sound transmissibility and aesthetic appearance. The engineered fabric construction allows sound to pass through the synthetic round threads with minimum interference. The result is a top-quality amplifier grille cloth engineered for sound reproduction. Acoustone Speaker Amplifier Fabrics are flame retardant, mildew proof- fine for outdoor use, have excellent fade resistance and are easily cleaned by vacuuming or washing. The Acoustone amplifier grille covers will not fray at the edges after cutting.

– Orders of more than one yard will ship in one continuous piece.

Weight 2 lbs
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