MW Audio MW-5083: 8 inch Woofer


Great Infinity and Boston Acoustic T830, T1000, A60 and A70 series 2 replacement woofer.
40 watts / 37 – 4000 Hz / 1″ voice coil
4 ohms


MW Audio MW-5083: 8″ Woofer

This woofer is a great replacement for the Boston Acoustics T830, T1000, A60 series 2 and A70 series 2 woofer. Outside diameter is 8.94″.

***The A60 and A70 series I woofers are similar, but the screw hole mounting is completely different and the outside diameter is 8.21″. Your A60 or A70 speaker will only say if it is series II on the back of the cabinet by the terminal cup. If it just says A60 or A70 with nothing after it then you have series I. The original A60 series 2 woofer has been discontinued from Boston Acoustics for years now. This woofer features a polypropylene cone with polyether foam surround. All the specs and parameters were copied to ensure similar sound and physical fit. Same impedance (4 ohms), basket size and screw holes, so you do not have to modify the cabinet at all.

*The Boston speakers say 8 ohms on the back of the cabinet, but the DC Resistance on the woofers are around 4 ohms.

Specifications and Small Signal Parameters:
Voice Coil Impedance: 4 ohm
Rated Frequency Response: 37- 4k Hz
Sensitivity: 87.2 dB/W(m) SPL
Rated Power: 40 watts
Program Power: 80 watts
Magnet Weight: 321 gr (11.32 oz)
Fo: 37.1 Hz
Re: 3.7 ohm
Qts: 0.591
Qms: 3.183
Qes: 0.726
Vas: 48.663 liters
Xmax: 3.25 mm
No: .331 %

Outside Diameter: 8.94″
Cutout Diameter: 7″

Weight 4 lbs
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