MW Audio MT-6769: Ribbon Tweeter


High End Ribbon Tweeter.
Good replacement for Infinity Crescendo, Kappa and Reference Series speakers.
Also good for many Genesis models.
OD: 3.7″
50 watts / 2800-40,000 Hz / 90 dB
4 ohms

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MW Audio MT-6769: High End Ring Ribbon Tweeter

Great overall sounding tweeter for any home audio application. Very smooth and detailed sound. Great replacement for the ribbon tweeter used in many Infinity speakers and many Genesis R3T tweeter.

Genesis speaker models:
– 5.3, Forte, G4, G7.1F, G7.1P, IM 5200, IM 8200, IM 8300, Maestro, Prime, Quartet,  V and many more models.

Infinity speaker models:
– Crescendo CS3006, CS3007, CS3008, CS3009, CS Video, Kappa 5.1, Kappa 5.1i, Kappa 5.1 series II, Kappa 6.1, Kappa 6.1i, Kappa 6.1 series II, Kappa 7.1, Kappa 7.1i, Kappa 7.1 series II, Kappa 8.1, Kappa 8.1 series II, Kappa 8.2i series II, Kappa 9.1 series II, Kappa 9.2 series II, Kappa 9.2i series II, Kappa Video, Reference 50, Reference 60, Reference Four, Reference Five, Reference Six and many more.

Infinity tweeter part #’s:
– 902-6769, 902-4578A, 902-4578C, 902-4578D, 902-5754, 902-7206, 902-7299 and more.

Freq Range: 2800-40,000 Hz
Fs: 2800 Hz
Power Rating: 50 Watts
Impedance: 4 ohms
Re: 3.4 ohms
Sensitivity: 90 dB
Ribbon Diameter: 1.1″ (28mm)
Magnet Weight: 225g

Outside: 3.7″ (94mm)
Cutout: 2.76″ (70mm)

Here is the part breakdown for Infinity speakers:

Tweeter Part #………Speaker Cabinet Model #
– 902-6769:……CS3006, CS3007, CS3008, CS3009, Kappa 5.1 and Kappa 5.1 series II
– 902-4578A, 902-4578C: Reference Four, Reference Six
– 902-4578D:….Reference Five, Reference 50 and Reference 60
– 902-5754:…….Kappa 6.1, Kappa 7.1 and Kappa 8.1
– 902-7206:…….Kappa 6.1 series II, Kappa 7.1 series II, Kappa 8.1 series II and Kappa 8.2i series II
– 902-7299:…….CS Video and Kappa Video

Weight 1.5 lbs
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