MW Audio MT-4941: Ribbon Tweeter


High End Ribbon Tweeter.
Good replacement for vintage Infinity speaker models RS IIIA, RS IIIB, RS Jr, RS 4, RS 4B, RS5, RS 5B, RS 6, RS 6B, RS 7, RS 8 and many more.
OD: 4.55″
30 watts / 2900-25,000 Hz / 87.6 dB
4 ohms

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MW Audio MT-4941: High End Ribbon Tweeter

Great overall sounding 4 ohm tweeter for any home audio application. Very smooth and detailed sound.  As many of you know the Infinity Emit ribbon tweeters can just go bad or the sound degrades and will change over time.  Overall our MT-4941 is a very good replacement for many of the vintage Infinity speakers and would recommend replacing them in pairs so that they are matched.  The face plate on our tweeter is black, not gray like many of the Infinity’s.  Do NOT attempt to swap face plates with your original tweeter, it will not work.

Fits Infinity speaker models:
– RS IIIA, RS IIIB, RS Jr, RS 4, RS 4B, RS5, RS 5B, RS 6, RS 6B, RS 7, RS 8 and many more models from the 1980’s.  Infinity also made some of these models in the 1990’s that use different parts.

Fits Infinity tweeter part #’s:
– 902-4941 and 902-5023 and more.

Infinity also made the 902-0484 tweeter used the RS III, RS 1.5 and RSM that is similar, but the magnet is very thin.  Our tweeter will work as a good replacement for this tweeter too, but you will have to cut a hole in the cabinet to install it so it is flush.

Freq Range: 2900-25,000 Hz
Fs: 2790 Hz
Power Rating: 30 Watts
Impedance: 4 ohms
Re: 3.1 ohms
Sensitivity: 87.6 dB
Face Plate: Black Aluminum
Membrane: Ribbon

Outside: 4.55″ (115.5mm)
Depth: .59″ (14.95mm)

Weight 1.0 lbs
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