MW Audio MT-4121: .75 inch Dome AR Copy Tweeter


Great replacement for some AR speakers.
OD: 4.75″
Available in 4 or 8 ohms

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MW Audio MT-4121: .75″ Soft Cloth Dome Tweeter

Great overall sounding tweeter for any home audio application, but main design is for many Acoustic Research speakers. Many have stated that the original tweeters have been the weak part of their speaker and now we have a great upgrade to the old paper dome, phenolic dome and the “newer” AB Tech version of the 1200084-1 tweeter. We believe our MT-4121 tweeter surpasses the overall tonal quality of all these older AR tweeters. Note that the terminals are on the backside of the tweeter, so some rewiring inside the cabinet may be needed for the older front wired versions. Most models use a 4 ohm version tweeter, but some also use an 8 ohm.

8 ohm models:
– AR-2ax: For the later version with the .75″ hard paper dome. The earlier version has the 1″ phenolic 4 ohm tweeter.
– AR5
– 200011-2 used in AR-12
– LST-2

4 ohm models:
– 1200084 is the newer replacement.
– 200029-1 used in AR9, AR92.
– 200011-1 used in AR11, AR11B.
– 1200029-1 used in AR58s, AR90, AR91, AR92.
– AR10pi
– The hard phenolic 1″ dome tweeters used in AR2, AR2a, AR2ax (early version), AR3, LST and more.
– The hard paper .75″ dome tweeters used in AR3a and more. (You can add a .1mH coil in parallel if wanted for these crossovers).

Freq Range: 1200-20,000 Hz
Fs: 1200 Hz
Power Rating: 75 Watts / 150 Watts Max
Impedance: 4 or 8 ohms
Re: 3.9 or 6.3 ohms
Sensitivity: 86 dB
Voice Coil Diameter: .75″ (19mm)
Magnet Weight: 11 oz (310g)
Face Plate: Aluminum

Outside: 4.75″ (120mm)
Cutout: 3.55″ (90mm)
Screw Hole Size: .315″ (8mm)

Weight 2.5 lbs


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