KEF 2.75 inch Foam Donut Dust Cap


Glue is available for an addtional charge
Outside diameter is 2.75″
Inside diameter is .84″


KEF 2.75″ Foam Donut Dust Cap

This foam will fit the KEF Cabinet models 104/2, 103/4, 105/3, 107/2 and more.

Outside diameter is 2.75″.

Inside diameter for the pole is .84″.

These foam donut dust caps are used to prevent debris from entering the voice coil area. If these continue to rot and are not replaced, the foam pieces can fall down into the voice coil gap and prevent optimal sound quality.

***PLEASE READ*** Outside diameter of our foam dust cap is 2.75″. Inside diameter is .84″. We have noticed that this piece is a little too large on the inside diameter for some KEF woofers, which are .75″ instead of .84″. Our dust cap will still work, but has barely enough of a lip to glue onto the black plastic piece where the metal pole runs thru the middle. We are a KEF authorized service center and use these parts everyday.

Weight 0.25 lbs


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