JL Audio 10W7 10 inch Refoam Kit (F10-14)


This kit will fit the 10W7 models ONLY!


JL Audio 10W7 10″ Refoam Kit

This kit will fit the 10W7 and 10W7AE models ONLY!

The Refoam Kit includes the materials needed to repair your subwoofer(s):
– Refoaming Instructions
– Foam Surround(s)
– 1 Bottle of Specially Formulated Poly Cone Black Adhesive (Strong and sticky for excellent bond)

* Remove the metal ring on the outside of the basket. Strip and clean all old surround material from the cone with a razor blade or an exacto knife. If needed, use acetone or alcohol based solvent to help clean off the cone.

– Evenly apply the glue on the cone and wait a couple minutes for the glue to get tacky. Properly align and place the new foam surround to the cone and let dry for about 2-4 hours or until the glue looks dry. The outside does not get glued down because of the screws. Mount it in the box and put the metal ring back on. Make sure it is centered by bouncing the cone up and down to make sure the voice coil is centered in the magnet structure. If it is not centered correctly it will make rubbing noises and sound bad.

Weight 0.75 lbs
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