JBL LE5 and 104H Midrange Aluminum Dust Cap


Price is for 1 single aluminum dust cap.
Fits JBL LE5 and 104H Midranges.


Aluminum Dust Cap for JBL LE5 and 104H Midranges

Price is for 1 single aluminum dust cap. Please change quantity to order more.

Brand New!!! Replace your dented dust caps!!! We had these custom made and are very similar to the original JBL dust caps. It is an aluminum cap painted black on both sides. Be careful when cutting off the old dust cap, so you do not cone all the way through the cone. We cut just the dome off, so the lip of the old cap is still on the cone. The new cap will glue right on top of the old lip.

Replacement dust cap for many JBL midrange part #’s and models:
104H: Fits 120TI, 240TI, 250TI, 250TIBQ.
– LE5-6: Fits L36, L36A, L120, L120A.
– LE5-8: Fits L166, L166A.
– LE5-9: Fits L212, L212C, L220, L220A, L222, L222A.
– LE5-10: Fits 4311B, L50, L50A, L110, L110A, L150.
– LE5-11: Fits L250.
– LE5-12: Fits 4312, L86, L96, L112, L150A, L150B.

Type: Aluminum Color: Black
Width: 1.31″ (33.33mm) Includes the lip on both sides.
Height: .22″ (5.5mm)
Thickness: .0063″ (.16mm)
Weight: .015 oz (.42g)

Weight 0.25 lbs
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