Infinity Column II Refoam Kit (F10-10)


FLAT attachment to cone.
A – O.D. of the surround = 9.75″
B – Roll ends = 8.625″
C – O.D. of the cone = 7.625″
D – I.D. of the surround = 7.125″


Infinity Column II Refoam Kit

This kit will fit on the dual 10″ paper cone woofers that have foam surrounds.  Some versions use a different woofer that has rubber surrounds and this kit will not fit those.

Each Refoam Kit includes the materials needed to repair four (4) woofers:
– Refoaming Instructions
– Four 10″ Foam Surrounds
– Shims For Centering the 1.5″ Voice Coils (if selected)
– Bottle of Specially Formulated Foam Surround Adhesive

*It can be difficult to refoam a speaker without removing the dust cap and inserting the plastic shims. The plastic shims are used to center the voice coil and cone assembly while the speaker is being refoamed. These are unique dust caps, so you will have to reuse them. If you do not use the plastic shims, the voice coil may be off center and it may lead to the voice coil rubbing. If you do not want to remove the dust caps, you can try to center these by hand.

10″ Woofers
A – Outside diameter of the surround = 9.75″
B – Roll ends = 8.625″
C – Roll starts / O.D. of the cone = 7.625″
D – Inside diameter of the surround = 7.125″
Flat attachment to the cone.

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