EV 81161XX 8 ohm OEM Diaphragm for DH2


8 ohm
2″ voice coil
Used in many DH2, DH2A, DH2AMT, DH2T, DH1506, N/DYM4-8 and Dynacord f150.

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EV 81161XX 8 ohm OEM Diaphragm

This is an EV factory original diaphragm.

Voice Coil Diameter: 2″
Impedance: 8 ohms
DCR: 5.0 ohms

Diaphragm Part #:
– 81161XX & F.01U.280.468

Here is a list of some of the driver part #’s:
– DH2, DH2A, DH2/AS1, DH2/AS2, DH2AMT, DH2T, DH1506, N/DYM4-8, Dynacord f150 and more

Here is a list of some of the cabinet model #’s:
– BIPLEX M, DMS-1122, DMS-1152, DTS-640, FRI-122, FRI-152, FRX122, FRX640, FRX660, FRX940, FRX+640, FRX+660, FRX+940, MH640AC, MH940 C, MH940 P, MTH-1, MTH-4 models, MTH-4.5, PI640C, PI940C, PI66415, PI6615, SX320PIX, SX500+, SX500G+, SX500PI+, SX600PI, T221, T221M, T251, T251+, T251i, T252, T252+, TS992E, TS992ELX, TS992-LX, TS992-M, VARIPLEX, VARIPLEX B (some models), VARIPLEX M and more.

We are an EV factory authorized service center and use this part frequently. No soldering needed and the diaphragm is self centering for an easy install. Any questions, just let us know.

Weight .75 lbs
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