Community HFE1 & HFE2 OEM Diaphragm (PSD2002-8DIA)


Fits HFE1 & HFE2 Drivers.
8 ohms

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Community HFE1 & HFE2 8 ohm OEM Diaphragm

These Community Drivers are made by Eminence (part # PSD2002-8DIA) and the diaphragms are OEM Eminence Diaphragms.

Compression Drivers:
– HFE1 & HFE2

Cabinet Models:
– CPL42, CPL43, CPL46, CPL47, CSX43-S2, CSX57, CSX57-S2, CSX58, CSX58-S2, R2-52, R2-52X, R6-51, RSJR, RSFB, RS220, RS440, RS660, XLT41, XLT41E, XLT43, XLT43E, XLT46, XLT46E, XLT47, XLT47E, XLT48, XLT48E, WET2V8, WET2V8T, WET315.

Overall Diaphragm Diameter: 3.56″
Voice Coil Diameter: 2″ with titanium dome
Impedance: 8 ohms
DCR: 6.2 ohms

Weight 0.5 lbs
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