Carver AL-III Tweeter Foam Grille Covers (1 pair)


1/4″ Thickness / 20 PPI (pores per inch)
Price is for 1 pair 4″ x 69 3/4″
Precut for Carver AL-III speakers


Carver AL-III Tweeter Acoustic Foam Grille Covers

– Precut acoustic foam covers for Carver AL-III and AL-III PLUS Ribbon Tweeters
– Price is for foam pieces for 1 pair of speakers.

– 4″ x 69 3/4″ (These are no longer available in 1 long piece, so we will send 4 pieces that are about 35″ each)
– 1/4″ Thickness / 20 PPI (pores per inch). Anything more dense (i.e. 30 PPI) is not considered acoustically transparent.

*These foam covers are a little more see through then the originals, but it is the closest to the originals that we have found.

Precut foam covers for Carver AL-III Ribbon Tweeters. Just remove the top piece and the foams will slide right down for easy install and no glue or tool is necessary.
All foam covers are designed to allow maximum sound to pass through. They are cut with flat edges (no bevels) and are dark gray in color, but can be lightly spray painted if needed.

Weight 0.6 lbs
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