Audax TW034X0: 1.3 inch Dome Tweeter


5.2″ Flange Diameter
70 watts / 2000-20,000 Hz / 93 dB
8 ohms

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Audax TW034X0: 1.3 inch Dome Tweeter

Audax TW034X0 is the direct replacement for the old HD13D34H with greatly improved power handling and extended linear response. 34mm voice coil. Used by numerous OEM manufacturers such as Spendor, Rogers and BBC monitors. No Ferrofluid. This is more typically called a mid/tweeter since it plays a bit lower than most tweeters, but not quite as high as most tweeters. The larger faceplate makes it a good candidate for replacing older Advents, Energy 22 or other oversized faceplate tweeters. Made in France. The TW034X0 features an aluminum face plate, high power handling, and high efficiency. Direct replacement for the Watkins WE-1 Speaker and more.

– 8 ohms
– 93 dB
– Fs 800Hz
– Re 5.3 ohm
– 34mm diameter voice coil
– 70 Watts

Flange diameter 132mm (5.2″)
Cut out diameter 106mm (4.17″)
Depth 29mm (1.14″)

Weight 3 lbs
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