8″ Foam “Filleted” Surround (F8-3)


Angled attachment to the cone.
A – O.D. of the surround = 7.75″
B – Roll ends = 7.125″
C – O.D. of the cone = 6″
D – I.D. of the surround = 5.5″

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8″ Foam Surround

Price is for 1 foam surround only.  Change quantity to order more.

*This is a very unique surround because the angled part that attaches to the cone is straight. Can be referred to as the filleted style foam. See close up of the picture to see.

This foam surround will fit many 8″ woofers that have an angled attachment to the cone. This does not come with glue or any other parts.
Check for correct dimensions.

A – Outside diameter of the surround = 7.75″
B – Roll ends = 7.125″
C – Roll starts / O.D. of the cone = 6″
D – Inside diameter of the surround = 5.5″

Angled attachment to the cone

Weight .10 lbs
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