4.5 inch Refoam Kit (F4-10)


A – O.D. of the surround = 4.5″
B – Roll ends = 3.94″
C – O.D. of the cone = 3.19″
D – I.D. of the surround = 2.94″


4.5″ Refoam Kit

This kit will fit 4.5″ speakers that have an angled attachment to the cone. Check for correct dimensions.

Each Refoam Kit includes all the materials needed to repair two (2) speakers:
– Refoaming Instructions
– 2 Foam Surrounds
– 1 Bottle of Specially Formulated Foam Surround Adhesive. If you have paper cones you need the WHITE GLUE. All other cones (poly, carbon fiber, kevlar, etc) you need the POLY GLUE.

*These speakers are easy to refoam and to center by hand. If you prefer to shim the voice coil and use new dust caps, they are available for an additional cost.

A – Outside diameter of the surround = 4.5″
B – Roll ends = 3.94″
C – Roll starts / O.D. of the cone = 3.19″
D – Inside diameter of the surround = 2.94″

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