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Foam edge deterioration is the most common problem with woofers and some midranges. The foam edge (or surround) usually wears out after ten or twenty years. Midwest Speaker Repair can replace the surround and make your speakers sound just like new! This process is called refoaming. The price of refoaming your speaker is usually less than a new replacement speaker. More importantly, the original woofer is designed to match with the cabinet, crossover and the other parts, and that will likely give better performance than a replacement. If we determine a replacement is the better choice, we will let you know. We do have a wide selection of replacement speakers to choose from. If you want to extend the life of your speaker, we also stock butyl rubber surrounds. Please check the available sizes and the dimensions to see if they will fit on your speaker.

Here’s What You Get:

Most Kits include all the materials needed to repair two (2) speakers:

  • – Refoaming Instructions
  • – 2 New Surrounds
  • – 1 Bottle of Specially Formulated Surround Adhesive
  • – 2 Dust Caps (If needed)
  • – Shims for Centering the Voice Coils (If needed)

Midwest Speaker Repair ships most refoam kits in the USA by USPS Mail.

International Shipping Welcome!!!

Our shipping costs do not include your country’s customs charges, taxes and other fees. Please do NOT ask us to send as a gift or to lower the declared value on the customs forms. We can ship Internationally using USPS First Class or Priority Mail. USPS Priority Mail International includes tracking and insurance. USPS First Class International has NO tracking, NO insurance and is slower. Depending on your country’s customs some orders may take over 30-45 days.

Speaker Size

Use the tables below to determine the correct surrounds for your speakers. 
The measurements listed here do not have to match your speakers exactly for the surrounds to work. Some surrounds will fit better if they are gently stretched out or if they are a little too big. The most important thing to remember is that the surrounds must overlap the speaker cone on the inside edge and the speaker basket on the outside edge. If the measurements listed below do not match your speakers, please call. We may have other surrounds that will fit your speakers. 

Dust Cap Size

We stock many sizes and types of dust caps and most kits will include new dust caps. When measuring dust caps, make sure you include the lip of the cap, not just the dome itself. Some caps have no lip (most JBL’s), but most have a lip which sits on the cone.

Rubber Surround Kits

(2 surrounds per kit)
Upgrade your old foam surrounds with rubber if the sizes fit!

Angled Attachment to Cone

Kits are notated either angled or flat, which is the point where the surround is attached to the cone.

D – Inside diameter of the surround
C – Roll starts / O.D. of the cone
B – Roll ends
A – Outside diameter of the surround

New Foam Diagram

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