Eminence ALPHA 5-8: 5 inch Midbass / Midrange Eminence ALPHA 5-8: 5 inch Midbass / Midrange
The Alpha 5 offers unmistakable performance with an emphasis on value. Rated at 250 watts program power, this 5 inch midbass features a water-resistant cone and dust cap, making it an excellent choice for line array or column array applications. 125 watts / 87-3.5kHz / 1.5" voice coil 8 ohms
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Eminence ISO-5 Isolation Chamber Eminence ISO-5 Isolation Chamber
The ISO-5 isolation box provides a quick and cost-effective solution for chambering a 5” open-frame speaker. The molded ABS construction offers a durable and lightweight option for eliminating interference from larger woofers mounted in the same enclosure. Ideal for pro audio, MI, installed sound, and car audio applications.
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