We at Midwest Speaker have been working with a local independent manufacturer to develop a number of specialty pieces, ranging from home HIFI to musical instrument speakers. They are the largest independent manufacturer of all types of drivers for all types of speaker designers all over the world. We went to them and requested a Jensen P8R, P10R and P12R copy. These drivers are truly exceptional! It far surpasses the tonal quality of the reissue Jensens. This style of driver, we usually rebuild ourselves, out of reclaimed Zenith drivers and the like from old hifi consoles, to get the quality of tone we like, but this one does it right out off the assembly line, which by the way, is all hand built in the USA.

VOR V12A-25-8 ohm Back

V12A-25-8 ohm (back view)

VOR V12A-25-8 ohm Front

V12A-25-8 ohm (front view)

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