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Pro Audio in the Form of Eminence Speakers

At Midwest Speaker Repair, we proudly offer pro audio products to Minneapolis residents. As such, we would like to provide audiophiles some insight into the pro audio products we offer. We feature products from Eminence (made in the USA), a high quality pro audio brand that makes speakers and other studio or near studio level products. Eminence manufactures world-renowned pro audio equipment such as loudspeakers, pro audio woofers, compression drivers, horn tweeters, guitar speakers, crossovers and much more (most speakers coming with a seven year warranty).

You can identify an Eminence Professional model by its cast aluminum Eminence chassis, a very light and strong inner core that enables maneuverability as well as high quality sound. The aluminum does not conduct any of the magnetic field out of the gap—making the motor strength higher and the stray magnetic field lower. Each chassis and all metal parts are coated with an epoxy-acrylic finish, controlling the thickness of the coating to within 0.001”—essential when trying to work with close tolerance transducer motor designs. A front and rear sealing gasket on each model allows for accommodation of front or rear loading.

There are 26 unique models available in our Professional series. Each model has been designed with a specific usage in mind. We boast any and all from heavy-duty subwoofers, low distortion woofers, and super high-power woofers to lightweight neodymium transducers in truncated frames for line arrays.

We are excited to offer a new Eminence speaker product, the Alphalite 6A. This speaker offers all that you know and love about the Alpha 6A, but weighs less, has less mounting depth (saving 1.9 lbs. and is 0.4” shallower). This is a mid/bass driver, aimed at the pro-sound market that can work equally well in the studio as at your home or cars where lighter weight and more narrow mounting will be welcomed.

For over four decades, Eminence pro audio speakers have been the brand of choice in audio systems throughout the world. From your local halls and pubs to professional sports stadiums across the world, no other loudspeaker brand has been so widely depended upon for performance and reliability.

Eminence boasts an interesting legacy. Bob Gault founded Eminence in Eminence KY, originally employing 30 people in hopes of being able to make three 18” speakers per day. As time passed, Eminence ultimately became the world leader in pro audio speaker manufacturing, making 10,000 per day, today.

Are you interested in learning more about pro audio in Minnesota? Call Midwest Speaker Repair at 651-645-7385, or you can Contact Us or Browse Online.

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