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Harman Kardon


We now feature new Harman Kardon Receivers!!! 
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Harman Kardon delivers beautiful sound by combining unmatched audio quality and iconic design to create a work of both art and sound.  Harman Kardon's sought after receivers and amplifiers offer more options and power than you'll know what to do with.



Stereo Receivers

Harman Kardon stereo receivers are the ultimate realization of high fidelity, from the company that invented the stereo receiver. 

We stock the following 2-Channel Receivers:

HK 3700: 85 watts per channel $349.95 ea
HK 3770: 120 watts per channel w/ bluetooth $449.95 ea


Audio / Video Receivers

Harman Kardon audio video receivers deliver any audiophile's need for power and versatility.

We stock the following 5.1 Receivers:

AVR 1510: 75 watts per channel $299.95 ea
AVR 1610S: 85 watts per channel w/ bluetooth $399.95 ea

We stock the following 7.2 Receivers:

 AVR 1710S: 100 watts per channel w/ bluetooth  $549.95 ea

Wood Cone Speakers

The LOUD Speaker Company

From the new SL Series home audio speakers to the rocking pro audio speakers, amps and mixers, Cerwin Vega can do it all!


Guitar Speakers / Pro Audio

Guitar Speakers

We stock many models of Guitar and Bass Speakers from 6.5” - 15” from Eminence, Celestion and V.O.R.  Whether your replacing a blown speaker or custom building your own cabinet, we will have the right speaker for you.


Buy / Sell / Trade

Buy / Sell / Trade

We currently have a room full of used home audio speakers, pro audio drivers, guitar speakers and more. Our used list is always changing, so keep checking back for current speakers and drivers for sale!




Eminence is the world’s leading manufacturer of loudspeakers. The Eminence Line features Pro Audio Woofers, Tweeters, Guitar Speakers, Crossovers and more.

NEW - We now have the Eminence Tone Center. Bring in your guitar and amp and test out several guitar speakers!