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Foam Kits St Paul

ESS AMT-1A Refoam Kit (F12-2 & F12PR)Most audiophiles have speakers they’ve had for years, generations even. Many older, vintage speakers not only sound great, they are built to last with quality wood cabinets. In fact, older speakers are becoming increasingly sought after, and even collectible.

High quality speakers can offer years of trouble-free enjoyment; but even the best speakers require repairs from time-to-time. A part of the speaker called the surround is one of the first things to cause trouble. Surrounds are the soft rings on the woofers that are glued to the speaker cone on the inside and the speaker basket frame on the outside. They flex when the speaker is in operation. Usually made of foam or rubber, surrounds deteriorate and disintegrate over time. When this happens, you can usually hear the difference. That’s where refoaming comes into play; the process of replacing the surround. Here at Midwest Speaker offer foam kits for St Paul and the surrounding areas in order to give audiophiles an easy, DIY way to fix their speakers. Once you replace the surrounds, your speakers will sound like new again for years to come!

Visit our store or give us a call to learn more. We can answer your questions and talk to you about the problems you are having with your speakers and other audio equipment.

More About Our Foam Kits

Are you looking for professional quality foam kits? Midwest Speaker Repair has the audio accessories and foam kits you need to get the job done. Our name says it all. We are the professionals the Midwest trusts for all of its audio needs. You will be impressed by our knowledge and friendliness as well as our fair and reasonable prices.

We carry many sizes and shapes in foam kits to match your unique system. Measurements do not have to match your speakers exactly for the surrounds to work. Some surrounds will fit better if they are gently stretched out or if they are a little too big. The most important thing to remember is that the surrounds must overlap the speaker cone on the inside edge and the speaker basket on the outside edge. If the measurements listed on our kits do not match your speakers, please call. We may have other surrounds that will fit your speakers.

The same goes for dust caps. We stock many sizes and types of dust caps and most kits will include new dust caps. When measuring dust caps, make sure you include the lip of the cap, not just the dome itself. Some caps have no lip including most JBL’s, but most have a lip which sits on the cone.

Ready to re-foam but not sure how to find the right size kit? Don’t hesitate to give us a call! We can help determine the right size kit to suit your needs.

Contact Us about Foam Kits

For more information about foam kits in the St Paul area, call Midwest Speaker Repair at 651-645-7385 or Contact Us. We even ship internationally!

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