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Midwest Speaker Repair Feedback

At Midwest Speaker Repair, we enjoy hearing from our customers. Please email us to share your experience with us.

Telford on 11-23-2015:
Just finished installing a refoam kit on a pair of JBL 116 woofers (in JBL L19 2-way speakers). It was a bit of work to get all of the old foam off and get the frames cleaned up (about an hour each speaker), but after a day of dry time and reassembly, they sound great! What a difference!  So, thanks for a quality product.

Galen on 12-23-2014:

My kudos to the guys at Midwest Speaker for their integrity with regard to my Hartke speaker dust caps. 

George on 6-27-2014:
Your Refoam kit for my Infinity SM-120's worked perfectly. The parts were good quality and the instructions were clear and well written. The speakers work like new and sound great. 

Jay on 6-10-2014:
Wow! What an excellent job you did repairing the speakers for my Rogers LS2's!  Thank you for the great service - I thought they were headed to the junk pile before I found you.

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Guitar Speakers

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Buy / Sell / Trade

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