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Common Reasons for Speaker Repair

At Midwest Speaker, we often encounter the same problems when we help with speaker repair to Roseville MN residents. Here is some information on the most common repairs we make and how we can help when you need it.

Blown Speakers

This type of speaker repair is all too common. Who hasn’t blown out at least one speaker in their life? There are a few ways you can tell that you just blew a speaker. You might see smoke, you might smell a bad odor and you will definitely notice that the sound quality has drastically deteriorated. This type of speaker repair is best left to the professionals like the ones here at Midwest Speaker.

Bad Surround

Replacing the foam surround on a speaker is another typical speaker repair job we do here at Midwest Speaker. While they can be repaired sometimes, most of the time the foam surround needs to be replaced completely if it’s damaged somehow or if it has dried out over the years.

Bad or Weak Woofers

This type of speaker repair can be a bit more complicated, depending on the extent of the damage. This is one where you definitely need a professional’s help. Call us to see what we can do for you when you need this type of speaker repair work done.

Damaged Cone or Dome

There are a few different ways we can handle this type of speaker repair. It will mostly depend on how bad the damage is. Usually we use some method to suck out the poked-in dome, or we will repair the cut or puncture that the dome has sustained. This is a speaker repair you can do yourself but we don’t recommend doing it unless you’ve had some experience with it in the past. It’s very easy to do more harm than good.

While these are only a few of the most common speaker repair jobs we get, we also know how to tackle a variety of other speaker repair jobs. So even if you don’t see your problem on this list, call us or visit us anyway. Chances are, we can help with your speaker problem and get it back up and running in no time!

Do you want more information on speaker repair in Roseville MN? Call Midwest Speaker Repair at 651-645-7385, visit our store on Oakcrest Avenue in Roseville, or you can Contact Us or Shop Our Site.

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