Midwest Speaker Repair Feedback

At Midwest Speaker Repair, we enjoy hearing from our customers. Please email us repair@midwestspeaker.com to share your experience with us.

“My 44 year old JBL L65s sound better now than when new. Replaced woofer foam suspension and replaced old resistors and caps. Awesome.” – Scott E

“Purchased some Solen capacitors to rebuild a couple speaker crossovers. Great selection of parts, FAST shipping and order notifications. Best part is my speakers are restored to new and sound great. Already placed a second order and will be my go to.” – Jared W

“What a great shop! Needed new foam on my beloved Advent IIs and this was THE place to get that done. Excellent customer service! Very cool place to walk around if you love quality audio equipment.” – David L

“Having never repaired a speaker before, I took a risk in ordering a refoam kit for my vintage AR58s speakers. I called first and asked a couple of questions to ensure I purchased the correct items. Both people I talked to were extremely helpful. My order was promptly delivered to me on the west coast much faster than I expected. The surrounds were a perfect fit and the instructions were clear. I was able to refoam a pair of woofers in a minimal amount of time. Doing so saved me a lot of money over my options of buying new woofers or worse new speakers! My speakers sound great! I am a happy customer.” – Fred W

“Item arrived quickly and exactly as described. Thank you!” – Bob

“Had a great experience with having 4 speakers refoamed. Excellent communication, fast turnaround, quick shipping, good price and they did a fine job. I would highly recommend and will use them again. I’m from Iowa and couldn’t find any local companies to help me. Thanks again!” – Mike N

“Just finished installing a refoam kit on a pair of JBL 116 woofers (in JBL L19 2-way speakers). It was a bit of work to get all of the old foam off and get the frames cleaned up (about an hour each speaker), but after a day of dry time and reassembly, they sound great! What a difference! So, thanks for a quality product.” – Telford

“My kudos to the guys at Midwest Speaker for their integrity with regard to my Hartke speaker dust caps.” – Galen

“Your Refoam kit for my Infinity SM-120’s worked perfectly. The parts were good quality and the instructions were clear and well written. The speakers work like new and sound great.” – George

“Wow! What an excellent job you did repairing the speakers for my Rogers LS2’s! Thank you for the great service – I thought they were headed to the junk pile before I found you.” – Jay

For more information on Midwest Speaker Repair and our repair services in St Paul MN, call us at 651-645-7385 or Contact Us.