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Cerwin Vega

We now feature Cerwin Vega Home Audio and Pro Audio Products!

The LOUD Speaker Company

Take a closer look at Cerwin Vega Home Audio and Pro Audio speakers and you'll see more of the right products at the right prices than ever before with improved performance, award-winning innovations and great new looks. The best of the old and the best of the new: that's today's Cerwin Vega! But maybe what's most interesting is what's not changing, the same eviction-notice generating sound that you and your friends have come to expect from us along with the same great reliability and customer service. In short, a renewed commitment to the legacy and values that have made Cerwin Vega the LOUD speaker company for nearly 50 years.

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CV Home Audio



Cerwin Vega XLS Front Firing 12" & 15" Powered Subwoofers feature a bass reflex design with high-impact low frequency response. The XLS powered subwoofers are rated at 250 watts RMS. The units offer level controls and a continuously variable crossover from 50 Hz to 150 Hz, enabling the user to tailor the bass response to any environment.

Model Description Our Price

12" Cast Frame Woofer
Freq. Range: 28 - 150 Hz 
$499 ea


15" Cast Frame Woofer
Freq. Range: 25 - 150 Hz
$599 ea (Special Order)


Cerwin Vega SL Series Speakers                                                               


Model Description Our Price
SL-25C Dual 5" Center Channel $129 ea
SL-45C Quad 5" Center Channel $199 ea
SL-5M 2-way Bookshelf w/ 5" woofer $149 pr
SL-8 2-way w/ 8" woofer $199 ea
SL-28 2-way w/ dual 8" woofer $279 ea
SL-12 3-way w/ 12" woofer $349 ea
SL-15 3-way w/ 15" woofer $449 ea


CV Pro Audio



Model Description Price Closeout Price
CVA-28X Dual 8" Woofers  $599 ea  $479.20 ea
CVA-115X 15" Subwoofer  $699 ea  $559.20 ea
CVA-118X  18" Subwoofer  $899 ea  SOLD OUT!
CVA-121X 21" Subwoofer $1299 ea $1039.20 ea


Model Description Our Price Closeout Price
INT-152v2 15" 2-Way $279 ea $223.20 ea
INT-252v2 Dual 15" 2-Way $379 ea $303.20 ea
INT-118Sv2 18" Subwoofer $299 ea (Special Order)  



Model Description Our Price
CVM1022 10 Channel Mixer $149 ea
CVM1624 16 Channel Mixer $399 ea
CVPOLE Steel Pole Mount $39.99 ea
CVANT-2A Dual Bracket $49.99 ea


Model Description Our Price
CV-900 900 watts $299 ea
CV-1800 1800 watts $399 ea
CV-2800 2800 watts $499 ea

Other CV Goods


Cerwin Vega Refoam Kits

CV Refoam Kits

Are your old CV woofers in need of some help?  The most common problem is the deterioration of the foam surrounds on the woofers.

Click here to take you to the CV Refoam Kits!

Cabinet Parts and Accessorries

Connectors Crossovers
Corners Speaker Terminals
Box Carpet Grille Covers
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Hinges / Latches Dishes / Jack Plates
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