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Audio Accessories to Get the Most Out of Your System

Whatever you’re looking for to build and improve upon on your Hi-Fi/AV system, we have the top audio accessories to help you get the most out of your system. Here at Midwest Speaker Repair, we specialize in audio accessories for Minnesota residents and businesses and can help you find whatever you need. Here you will find speakers, speaker wire, diaphragms, connectors, speaker cloth and foam as well as more personalized speakers like those for in-wall or ceiling placement. As experts in the industry, allow us to guide you through some of the most important items in audio accessories:

Connectors. Connectors make all things possible. From 25″ jacks, .25″ plugs, adaptors, banana plugs, or XLRs, they are essential for quality sound. We stock dozens of different connector types, consisting of cables that go to microphones, speakers, and musical instruments. You can even build your own custom cables with bulk cable and connectors that we have.

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Speakers. Obviously one of the most important parts of a good home audio system are the speakers. You can buy an audio system kit, and these will usually give you everything you need for a complete surround-sound experience. But, if you choose to build your system piece by piece, there are a variety of audio accessories that can help you do so. The experts at Midwest Speaker Repair can assist you in determining what types of speakers will best suit the room or system they will be installed in, among other decisions.

Diaphragms. The finest transducers on the market as audio accessories are sold at Midwest Speaker Repair. With the ability to smooth any vibration or feedback for you may be experiencing in your current audio set-up, our diaphragms are always in stock.

Speaker Cloth & Foam. The right foam and cloth make all the difference. The high-tech yarns of vinyl-coated fiberglass make a smooth surface. So, unlike conventional spun yarn, there are no loose fibers to snag sound. That means no muffling, distorting or impeding sound from speakers.

Crossovers & speaker wire. Send the right signal to your speakers and tweeters with the right crossovers. We stock lots of different parts. If you don’t see what you are looking for visit our store or contact us. 

Service & repair. In addition to the right parts, it is equally important to have a repair service you can depend on. Bring your speakers to us any time they need to be re-foamed, re-coned and more. Who hasn’t blown out at least one speaker in their life? There are a few ways you can tell that you just blew a speaker. You might see smoke, you might smell a bad odor and you will definitely notice the sound quality has drastically deteriorated. This type of home audio repair must be performed by the professionals.

Whatever you are looking for, the experts at Midwest Speaker Repair can help! Interested in learning more about audio accessories in Minnesota? Call Midwest Speaker Repair at 651-645-7385, or you can Contact Us.

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