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All of the Audio Accessories You Can Think Of

It is the 21st century people! What used to be affordable only for professionals actively involved in the music trade has long been put within reach of the average Joe walking the streets of any town. Virtually anyone can have studio level audio equipment up and operational within the cosy confines of their own home. If you want to implement your own full-fledged studio or just a small one operating off of your personal computer, all of the audio accessories for your St Paul home can be found at Midwest Speaker Repair.

Here you will find t-shirts, guitar and bass speakers, speaker wire, diaphragms, connector pieces, speaker cloth and foam, more personal sized speakers like those for in-wall or ceiling placement. Looked upon less as accessory and more as primary pieces, we also carry the aforementioned standard and professional level studio equipment of all sorts. Take a look below at all of the audio accessories we keep in stock:

Guitar and Bass Speakers

Boasting a wide assortment of guitar and bass speakers from starter on through professional levels, you are sure to find one to suit your needs here.

Speaker Wire

As the name implies, if you have not moved on to complete Bluetoothing in the speaker arena, all possible speaker wire needs can be resolved here. We carry standard, high-definition, professional level as well as in-wall wiring solutions.


The finest transducers on the market as audio accessories are sold at Midwest Speaker Repair. Always

ready to smooth any vibration or feedback for you may be experiencing in your current audio set-up, our diaphragms are always in stock.

Connector Pieces

We’ve got the connector to meet your needs!.25″ jacks, .25″ plugs, adaptors, banana plugs or XLRs, you just try to come up with a connector that we will not have here waiting for you. We stock dozens of the of different connector types, consisting of cables that go to microphones, speakers and musical instruments.  You can even build your own custom cables with bulk cable and connectors that we have.

Speaker Cloth & Foam

As the title of this section implies, we have cloth to cover an otherwise open speaker. We have grill cloth and foam grill covers that will get your sound to where you want it.

In-Wall & Ceiling Speakers

These specific speaker types, being specialized, are carried en masse at Midwest Speaker Repair. We have the speakers themselves as well as volume controllers.

The audio accessories for your St Paul home studio await you at Midwest Speaker Repair. Call us at 651-645-7385, or you can Contact Us or Browse Online.

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