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Guitar Speakers

Free UPS Ground Shipping in the Mainland US on most orders of Eminence Guitar Speakers!!!

     We offer all kinds of Amercan Tone and British Tone Guitar Speakers from ranging from $60 - $285.  We stock over 60 different models ready for pick up or for immediate shipping.


Voice of Rock (V.O.R.) guitar speakers are locally made right here in MN, USA. 
Check out our new 8", 10" and 12" Alnico guitar speakers all for under $100 each.

Used / Reconed Guitar Speakers

We currently have a wall full of used and reconed guitar speakers.
Our used list is always changing, so keep checking back for current used guitar speakers for sale!


Eminence is the world's
leading manufacture of

Electric Bass
6.5" 8" 10"
10" 12" 12"
15"   15"


We stock the 2 most popular guitar speakers.  The Celestion Vintage 30 and the Greenback!


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